Jal Pharma

Pharmaceuticals and Health Products is the largest sector and the most prized business segment at Ethmar. Ethmar operates in this segment through its wholly owned subsidiary Jal Pharma which was established to supply the members of the Private Medical Institutions Society –PMIS with their needs of pharmaceuticals and Medical Disposables.

The Private Medical Institutions Society is the only private medical society in Yemen and it consists of more than 600 private hospitals, Para-clinics and medical centers in Yemen spread all over the country.

We provide the Yemeni market with prescription as well as OTC pharmaceutical products. Moreover, we provide several health and beauty products.

Our market analysts for this segment are all certified pharmacists and health professionals who have an extensive knowledge of the local market and its needs. They work in conjunction with our marketing staff to develop the appropriate marketing strategy for each product. This has enabled us to successfully introduce many products into the Yemeni market.

As part of our growth strategy we are always looking for new and innovative products to introduce to the relatively dry Yemeni market.

Jal Pharma
53 Hadda St,
Sana'a, Rrpublic of Yemen
Tel: (+967) 1 441128
P.O.Box: 14526